In the Supper Club, what does "Shared Plates" mean?

Shared plates are meant for social dining. Each our plates are meant to be enjoyed by about three people. We suggest three to four plates per person in your party. Of course guests may order plates for themselves as well. There are no traditional entrees, as this style of dining encourages tasting many different flavors and techniques.

If I or one of my guests has an allergy, can you accommodate us?

Yes, and we can best prepare if you let us know in advance, preferably in your reservation notes.

How late do you serve food?

We serve food until closing every night. At 10pm, we transition to our late night menu which has some options from our dinner menu, and some special items everyone craves in the late hours.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we hold tables every night in the Supper Club just for walk-ins.

Where should I park?

Our parking garage is just across the street, on the northeast corner of 19th Street & Walnut. You will receive a ticket, and we will validate it for you.

How do I cancel my Supper Club reservation?

You may do it here through TOCK, or email host@corvino.com, or you can text or call us at 816-832-4564.

How much time should I allow for the Tasting Room experience?

Chef Michael will guide you through his tasting menu over approximately 2.5 hours. This is an intimate culinary experience so please allow yourself time to enjoy the evening.

In the Tasting Room, there is a set menu. What if I have allergies or aversions?

The Tasting Room is a very personalized experience. We want to know about not only your allergies and aversions, but preferences as well, to make your evening as enjoyable as possible.

What is the attire for the Tasting Room?

Please note that jackets are befitting but not required. Dark denim or slacks with a collared dress shirt is appropriate, and ties are optional. We kindly ask to avoid t-shirts, shorts, sporting attire, hats or casual wear.

What is your corkage policy?

Our corkage fee is $35 per bottle, for up to two 750ml bottles, or $70 for one magnum, per reservation. We do request that the bottle not be present on our wine list.

Can I host a private party?

Yes, please contact our hospitality team at admin@corvino.com or 816-832-4564. Our Private Dining Room fits 10 - 50 people. You may select from our current menu, or Chef Michael can create a custom coursed meal. This room may be booked during times/nights we are closed for a minimum dependent on your party. Our Tasting Room seats up to 18 people and can be booked for a $2000 minimum.

You have music every night. Will I be able to speak with my tablemates in a normal voice?

Yes. Our music during normal dinner hours (6-9pm) consists of a single instrumentalist, and is very much part of the background ambiance. Later on Friday and Saturday nights (9:30pm - 12:30am) we do have trios or quartets. While these are a little more lively, your dining experience is always first priority. If you are noise sensitive, please let us know in your booking notes.

Is the Supper Club a good choice for children?

We think so, if your child enjoys dining out. We do not have a children's menu, so please review our current options. We will try to accommodate as best we can.

Can I reserve a table just to listen to music?

Tables are reserved for dining, however we have walk-in bar seating where you can choose to enjoy the music and simply order beverages (though we serve food there as well.)

What kind of music is performed in the Supper Club?

During 6-9pm, a single instrumentalist will play, and the instruments will vary from piano to guitar or even a violin. On Friday and Saturdays from 9:30pm-12:30am, we host trios and quartets, with and without vocalists. The genres include jazz, Cuban, folk, soul, and more. Regardless of style, the music is always meant to enhance your experience, not overpower it.

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.